Between the ecological modernization of capitalism and the multi-crisis: how to build the eco-social transformation the world needs?

The Global Working Group Beyond Development[1] met in a moment of increasing visibility of the climate emergency, the ongoing disruption of our societies by the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing trade war between China and the United States and increasing impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. At the same time, the world´s richest keep growing richer, the legitimacy of political […]


Ciudades Dignas— transformación urbana alrededor del mundo Registro: La urbanización global mantiene relaciones constituyentes mutuas con los principales patrones de dominación en nuestras sociedades, dando forma a su desarrollo. Sin embargo, las ciudades son lugares de intensas disputas políticas a medida que las poblaciones urbanas se han organizado para hacer frente a los desafíos de la vida cotidiana, resistir […]


Cities of Dignity— Urban Transformations Around the World  To join Please register here: Global urbanization maintains mutual constituent relationships with the main patterns of domination in our societies, shaping their development. However, cities are sites of intense political disputes as urban populations have organized to meet the challenges of everyday life, resist dispossession, and defend their rights. What conditions […]

Remembering Elandria C. Williams

by Beyond Development collective With deep sadness, grief, and heavy hearts, we learn of the passing of our friend, sister, and colleague, Elandria Williams.  Their untimely departure created an immediate feeling of sorrow, emptiness, and profound loss. Those who knew Elandria as we knew them would remember how they carried with them the urgency of the moment. Elandria kept us […]

CITIES OF DIGNITY: Urban Transformations around the World (July 2020)

Participants of the Global Working Group Beyond Development are pleased to announce the launch of their third publication: Cities of Dignity: Urban Transformations Around the World. The book, written by movement-based authors, was presented at the Vienna 2020 Degrowth Conference on June 1st. Download the book [PDF version HERE] One of the main challenges that strategies for social-ecological transformation are […]


AFRICA and diaspora David Fig, South Africa. David Fig is a South African environmental sociologist, political economist, and activist based in Johannesburg. He holds a PhD from the London School of Economics, and specialises in questions of energy,  agro-ecology, biodiversity, South-South relations and corporate behaviour.  David chairs the board of Biowatch South Africa, which is concerned with food security and […]

Our collective

The Global Working Group “Beyond Development”: An Introduction by Miriam Lang, Ashish Kothari and Mabrouka M’barek Our world is facing unprecedented challenges: the rise of the political right in many countries, a historical level of environmental destruction and loss of biodiversity, a crisis of the political mechanisms of decision making, within liberal, representative democracies, abysmal levels of economic inequality that […]

Alternatives in a World of Crisis – 2nd edition

This book is the result of a collective effort. In fact, it has been written by many contributors from all over the world – women, men, activists, and scholars from very different socio-cultural contexts and political horizons, who give testimony to an even greater scope of social change. Their common concern is to show not only that alternatives do exist, […]

2018-19 Cities of Dignity

URBAN TRANSFORMATIONS AROUND THE WORLD The book Cities of Dignity: Urban Transformations Around the World (July 2020) is the third publication of the Global Working Group Beyond Development. Cities of Dignity, which will be available for free download, explores seven urban experiences: the self-determination and organization of slum dwellers in Buhj in India, Black-led urban commons in Birmingham, Jackson, and […]

2017-18 Alternatives in a World of Crisis

FROM STOPPING THE MACHINES OF SOCIO-ECOLOGICAL DESTRUCTION, TO THE BUILDING OF ALTERNATIVE WORLDS: RETHINKING OUR STRATEGIES FOR SOCIAL CHANGE Jun 15th, 2017 by Raphael Hoetmer From 12th until 19th of May the Global Working Group Beyond Development, hosted by the Brussels office of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, held its second meeting in Ecuador, Latin America, in order to collectively analyze the opportunities and challenges, as […]

International conference “World in crisis. Alternatives from the five continents “

The graduate program of Latin American Cultural Studies from the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar in Quito Ecuador, in cooperation with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation organized the international conference “World in crisis. Alternatives from the five continents ” with participants of the Global Working Group Beyond Development on May 18th 2017. Program 10h30-10h50 Opening Jaime Breilh, Rector of the UASBClaus-Dieter König, […]