Ways Out of the Growth Trap

View the article in PDFPrint the articleby Ulrich Brand Trade Unions, Climate Crisis and the “Ecology of Work” As the remarkable success of “Fridays for Future” and “Extinction Rebellion” shows, the climate crisis is pushing onto the agenda ever more strongly. Such a push is urgently needed because the window during which its worst effects could be prevented is closing rapidly.1 Accordingly, […]

No Harm Here is Still Harm There: The Green New Deal and the Global South (I)

View the article in PDFPrint the articleby Vijay Kolinjivadi & Ashish Kothari Without accounting for globalized production, a Green New Deal in the Global North will merely spur the imperialist quest for cheaper resources and labour to satisfy “eco-friendly” consumption. The year 2019 and the first few months of 2020 have thrown up unprecedented ecological crises. Even before COVID-19, ecological […]

Let’s Use the Current Opportunity to Develop a Climate-Friendly Transport System

View the article in PDFPrint the articleby Heinz Högelsberger & Ulrich Brand Two transport policy topics were discussed the most over the last few days: On the one hand, how more space for movement can be secured for pedestrians during Covid-19 times; on the other hand, whether Austrian Airlines should be bailed out using taxpayer’ money. These questions have a […]

On the Cusp: Reframing Democracy and Well-Being in Korchi, India

View the article in PDFPrint the articleby Neema Pathak Broome, Shrishtee Bajpai and Mukesh Shende Introduction Mainstream governance and development models – characterised by seemingly democratic but inherently centralised and top-down governance systems and extractive, commercially motivated, capitalist economic policies – have failed to achieve minimum levels of well-being for a very large part of humanity. They have in fact […]

New book! CITIES OF DIGNITY: Urban transformations around the world (July 2020)

View the article in PDFPrint the articleParticipants of the Global Working Group Beyond Development are pleased to announce the launch of their third publication: Cities of Dignity: Urban Transformations Around the World. The book, written by movement-based authors, was presented at the Vienna 2020 Degrowth Conference on June 1st. Download the book [PDF version HERE] [EPUB-ebook format available soon] One […]

Introduction to the Democracy debate

Is democracy a stronghold of social struggles or is it rather an institutional framework imposed by capitalism? Why are fascism and different kinds of authoritarianism coming back through elections? How can the scandalous inequality that structures contemporary capitalism and obviously limits democratic decision making strongly be dealt with?

Democracy and transformation in the time of pandemic politics

View the article in PDFPrint the articleby Mary Ann Manahan and Miriam Lang As the world reels from historically unprecedented socio-economic and political impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19), many governments are rolling out emergency measures and guidelines for physical distancing, lockdowns, and quarantines, closing of borders, and restrictions of people’s movements in an effort to flatten the curve. Of great […]

Community resistance to a Power Plant in Senegal

View the article in PDFPrint the articleby Ibrahima Thiam A fisher community leaving in Bargny at 15km from the city of Dakar is facing the consequences of an industrialization program of the Senegalese state praised to be the way for economic emergence. The socioeconomic change and mutations resulting from the series of projects have deep impacts on the community’s livelihoods. […]

Resistance and devotedness: learning democracy under pressure

View the article in PDFPrint the articleby Kitti Baracsi If we imagine democratic education as entire school communities practising participation, to what extent can schools escape the current approach taken in the public education system? What if they encounter hostility and restrictions? Can we learn democracy through transgressions and resistance? This article tells the story of three school communities where […]

Alternatives in a World of Crisis – 2nd edition

View the article in PDFPrint the articleThis book is the result of a collective effort. In fact, it has been written by many contributors from all over the world – women, men, activists, and scholars from very different socio-cultural contexts and political horizons, who give testimony to an even greater scope of social change. Their common concern is to show […]

2018-19 Cities of Dignity

View the article in PDFPrint the articleURBAN TRANSFORMATIONS AROUND THE WORLD The book Cities of Dignity: Urban Transformations Around the World (July 2020) is the third publication of the Global Working Group Beyond Development. Cities of Dignity, which will be available for free download, explores seven urban experiences: the self-determination and organization of slum dwellers in Buhj in India, Black-led […]

2017-18 Alternatives in a World of Crisis

View the article in PDFPrint the articleFROM STOPPING THE MACHINES OF SOCIO-ECOLOGICAL DESTRUCTION, TO THE BUILDING OF ALTERNATIVE WORLDS: RETHINKING OUR STRATEGIES FOR SOCIAL CHANGE Jun 15th, 2017 by Raphael Hoetmer From 12th until 19th of May the Global Working Group Beyond Development, hosted by the Brussels office of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, held its second meeting in Ecuador, Latin America, in order to collectively […]

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