Since January 2019, Beyond Development provides a platform for everyone who is interested in development to share ideas and discuss practical and theoretical issues related to development and humanitarian cooperation. While we are ourselves strong advocates of research and the current development agenda, we are also concerned about their limitations. With the upsurge of new conflicts, protracted displacement crises, increased inequalities and climate change, the development sector is confronted with new realities. We do not only acknowledge these challenges but understand them as a request to go beyond our established way of working and thinking.

The purpose of Beyond Development is not to undermine the current development agenda but to expand the ideas that inform our daily engagement. As a network that brings people together from various disciplines and national contexts, we act as a facilitator fostering content-based discussions through written contributions. Whether it may be a case study, a reflective account or a theoretical essay, all articles share the intention to explore possibilities for a more progressive understanding of development. 

The content of the articles does not necessarily mirror the view of Beyond Development but only the opinions of the individual writers. Beyond Development ensures that all articles are sufficiently referenced.